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Ferries are very much a way of life in British Columbia.

With the exception of the Greater Vancouver area, much of Canadas most Western Provinces' coastline is rural and rugged terrain, crossing which is either difficult and/or expensive. Therefore, many communities are accessibile only by air or water.

BC Ferries run scheduled services from the lower coast (near Vancouver) mainland to Vancouver Island, Sunshine Coast (on mainland but further up coast and not accessibile by road) together with numerous islands dotted throughout the West Coast. The map above shows just some of the ferry routes connecting the lower mainland with the Sunshine Coast and Vancouver Island.

Travelling by ferry often allows views and vistas that would be impossible to see by road.

Also, in Canada there is a very social element to ferry travel - the ferry line-up (see photograph above). Canadians are social people and so the ferry line-up (waiting for your ferry) is a great opportunity to get out of the car, stretch your legs and chat to other people in the queue - discuss where you're going, where you've been and exchanging tips on what to do & see.

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Bungle said...

Dearest David and Adrian,

Finally I have received the link to your weblog! And what a great way to let us know what you’re up to and yes I take all the credit!!! :) We have had some major changes here at work so this is probably why you have had the 'tigger' effect from my emails!

It sounds like you have already had such an adventure in the first few weeks (all the pictures look great) - long may the fun and happiness continue & it's fab to see Charlie is finally with you to make the family complete again!

News from the UK – Trishia’s Army completed the Race for Life this weekend in the blistering heat of 36°C – not only was a great time had by all we raised loads of money for Cancer Research.

I look forward to the next instalment of Vancouver Life!

Loads of love always
B xx

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