Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Craig & Mia's Wedding

After our night in the Cotswolds and a subsequent night at Adrian parents in Bicester and a night at Davids mothers in Peterborough we moved onto Leicestershire for our second wedding of the visit.

We were there for the wedding of Craig and Mia. Craig is an old family friend of Davids and they grew up together being only three weeks different in age. Craig proposed to Mia while in Canada and it was great that we were able to attend their wedding while we were back in the UK.

The wedding was held in Mias home village of Great Glen, near Leicester.

David was unexpectedly the best-man due to a last minute let-down by the original best man. David however was superb at standing in and doing an outstanding speach with only 48 hours notice.

Assembling outside the church after the ceremony

The reception was held at a private school in Great Glen that Mias father is the headmaster of. A large marquee was erected in the grounds.
Here are Craig and Mia cutting the cake (which incidently was an amazing combination of chocolate cake below a rich chocolate torte all covered in white chocolate). The cake was actually the desert to the dinner (the cake cutting & speaches were done before the dinner).

Adrian and Lin, who is Craigs step-mother.

The first dance

The deserts being served to the top table. At the back in the centre is Craig, then David then Christine (Mias step-mother), Roger (Craigs father) and then Lin again in the blue.

The ladies, Maureen, Jackie, Sue and Lin

The wedding went beautifully and we wish Craig & Mia every happiness together.

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