Saturday, May 16, 2009

Roger & Lin Visit

On Wednesday we had 'Uncle' Roger and his wife Lin who are friends of Davids family make a brief pit stop with us as they had one day in Vancouver before catching the Rocky Mountaineer train on Thursday. David collected them from their hotel downtown and they came back to the house initially for coffee and to meet Mojo. They had visited before and seen the house previously but not of course to meet the newest member of the family.

Late morning we headed out to see a few sights that Roger and Lin hadn't seen on previous trips to the city. The weather wasn't great but we got a few snaps in before the monsoons started !

First we went over to Capilano Lake. Here David is with Mojo.

Roger and Lin at the lake. They are both keen photographers so have quite an extensive amount of equipment with them.

Then we drove up to the viewpoint on the road to Cypress Bowl. Mojo is proudly showing off his new city here.

Then we moved onto Horseshoe Bay for lunch at the ever excellent Boathouse. Views here from the park

And then across Sewells Marina.

By mid afternoon the heavens had fully opened so we returned home for tea, chatting and more play with Mojo before returning Roger & Lin to their hotel ready for an early departure the following morning.
It was lovely to see them here again and hope that they are enjoying the remainder of their holiday here in Canada.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Hope you both are well! Dad and Lin said they had a great time and it was lovely to see you and your new family member! How gorgeous!!! Love to you all Rebecca xx