Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fun before the Fireworks

Once again Caroline & Geoff very kindly ask us to join them on Geoff's yacht to watch the fireworks. Adrian stayed home to puppy sit (shame!) but I went along happily.

Only the second time on a Sailing yacht and once safely out of the tiny dingy he picked me up in from Kits beach I really enjoyed myself. Completely un-forecast or expected we jollied through a terrific thunder storm with a fantastic light show in itself. More fork and ball lightening than I have ever seen. This continued with only a little rain through the fabulous sunset and into the night. Yes the sky really was this colour and the sea looked like liquid gold. Just fantastic!!!

Nikki & Bob Also aboard. Deb out of sight below as she is terrified of lightning. Neil was probably checking his crab trap?!

And yes believe it or not Taylor, Tabby, Sawyer & Geoff all go swimming in the thunderstorm. Obviously I would have joined them if it weren't for my injured shoulder!
Here is some basic footage of the afternoon though as ever does not do any justice to the magnificent storm with fork lightning that spanned the sky, from horizon to horizon but I couldn't capture on my quicksnap camera. Accompanied by the chatter & the radio on the boat.

This picture of the same storm taken by a much better photographer, Uncle Buddha, that does the storm much more justice.Fabulous!

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