Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hottest Day on Record

Today, Vancouver set a new record for the highest day-time temperature.

Vancouver measures it's weather at the airport down by the water in Richmond. Therefore it's average highs in the summer are always much lower than the city itself experiences and the winter lowers likewise are always warmer than the rest of the Metro area gets.

Today the offical 'high' for Vancouver set a new record of 33.8 degrees, which is apparently about 38/39 degrees in the city. We recorded 37 degrees at home in the car at about 6.45pm !

Port Alberni on Vancouver Island set the highest 'official' temperature today at 40 degrees. According to the forecaster the 'humidex' (which is the hot weather version of the cold weather 'chill factor') is about 5 degrees above the stated temps, so it felt around 45 degrees in Port Alberni today, and 44 in Vancouver.

And did we know it......we had the last day of Mojos Kindergarten class this afternoon which is held in an un-airconditioned church hall in North Vancouver. By the end of class everybody was desperate to get out and back into their air conditioned cars.

Yesterday however we had a teriffic day cooling off by taking Mojo and teaching him to swim in Buntzen Lake. More photos & video on this in the next post.

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