Saturday, November 07, 2009

Baby Shower

Last month David hosted his first Baby Shower.

Ok, this isn't something we have ever come close to getting involved in previously but Alecia, a work colleague and friend of Davids was having a baby and as we live more centrally and have a bigger house than some of her other friends we were to be the hosts.

Essentially it turns into a small party with a few rules such as it should only go on for 4hrs, you have to have sandwiches, cake and a so on. You also have to decorate the house and have a 'diaper cake' - thankfully the new mother gets to keep this not the host !

Anyway, it was a good chance for Alecia to get out with her newborn, Maya and catch up with her friends.

A week or two after the shower we then had just Alecia over with Maya for the afternoon. It was her first trip out somewhere with Maya on her own (she had come to the Shower with her mother-in-law and been out places with Dallas before but not on her own).

All went well and we both got some cuddles in.

David, Maya and Alecia

Mojo was a little over boisterous to begin with, particularly when Maya cried, but by the end of the afternoon he was pretty relaxed and seemed happy enough to have her around.

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