Saturday, November 28, 2009

Testing the new camera

A couple of weeks ago we had to buy a new camera when our previous one stopped functioning.

We bought a Canon Powershot SD980 IS with 24mm wideangle and 12.1mp. It also records HD movie so beware, there's going to be more of that too !

The day after we bought the camera was nice and sunny so we took the opportunity to take some snaps while we were out walking Mojo to see how the new camera performed.

Views along Lynn Creek

The trail under East Keith Road

And the Highway 1 bridge

Mojo stomping through the fallen leaves

Lots of golden leaves

A rare glimpse of blue sky (we've seen it we think once since this walk on the 1st November !)

The camera captures the vivid colours of the autumn leaves well

Views of the river

Mojo fetching a stick

A fallen tree branch in the river

Looking down the river from the bridge

Nice wide trails, but enough other dog walkers to keep Mojo happy

After three weeks of rain it's nice to see some colourful pictures !

Looking through the trees down to the river. The camera manages the mix of sun and shade better than our old camera.

Finally a close up of the river through the trees.

So we have established that the camera does a good job. We just need some nice weather to enable us to get out and snap some more.

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