Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Is that the sound of approaching hoofs ?

After the truly appalling (but ‘Almost Miraculous’) Prayer Cross TV Commercial that was featured so heavily last winter (see our post here  Prayer Cross )  we didn’t think it possible to find a worse advertisement or tacky product.  

Unfortunately, we were wrong.  Now that September is upon us the seasons are turning and likewise the TV commercials take on their new edge as they approach the consumer spending seasons of Thanksgiving and Christmas.   With it comes the Horse Clock. 

Ahh yes, the Ruane Manning Horse Clock is not just your average clock.  Thanks to this equine artist scraping the bottom of his career barrel this clock ‘adds grandeur and excitement to any room of your house’ plus his ‘intimate knowledge of horses comes to life’ with ‘the sound of approaching hoofs and gentle neigh at the top of every hour’. 

Oh dear, well just remember if you receive one of these ‘finely crafted timepieces’ as a gift over the upcoming holiday season…….just try and imagine quite how much the bearer must really dislike you.

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