Saturday, September 04, 2010

Mojo Survives the Dog Ranch

Last night we ‘tested’ Mojo at the Bowen Dog Ranch where he is booked to stay while we’re in Florida in October and the UK in December.  As he had not stayed there (or indeed away from us) before we just put him in for one night so he could not only experience the Ranch but also appreciate the fact that we do come back and pick him up…..eventually.

Apparently he did very well, he was a little timid at first being a bit overwhelmed at being abandoned by David and I but the staff took time to have some one-on-one time with him and introduced him to the other dogs staying there and he got settled in and relaxed.  Certainly when we came to collect him we saw him well before he saw us and he was running around, happy and calm, sniffing and playing.  One happy doggy.

As a reward we took him for a walk around Killarney Lake.  We had intended to stop and have a picnic with him but decided to press on and get the earlier (12.45pm) ferry rather than wait for the next one (3.10pm) which is much later as the ferries take a break over lunchtime.

However, we made good time on the walk and still had some time to kill before the 12.45 ferry so we took our sandwiches down to the dockside in Snug Cove and sat in the sun while we waited for the ferry.

 IMG_2539 We watched the various boat traffic as it buzzed in and out of the harbour.  Then we saw this seal several times as it jumped in and out of water and swam around.


Then the ferry arrived.


We boarded and headed back to Horseshoe Bay satisfied that Mojo had an overall positive experience at the Dog Ranch.  We will probably put him in for one more short stay before his one-week visit in October.


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