Sunday, March 06, 2011

Daily routine with a winter twist

This week has been a pretty typical week for the time of year – both of us busy with work and miserable weather.  Dog walks have remained pretty mundane as a result only helped a little this week by our dose of snow.

These few snaps from Tuesdays stomp along the Varley Trail at Lynn Headwaters.  We started the walk from the top of Lynn Valley Road rather than in the park itself as I had the Audi and not the 4x4 and didn’t much fancy digging it out if it got stuck.

IMG_3852 IMG_3850

Mojo can’t get enough of the white stuff – charging around continually after sticks.

The snow covered boulders in the river.


The handsome lad can’t hide his pleasure of a walk in the snow.

IMG_3856 Although he struggles as the snow gives way under his great weight on the river bank.  Oh well, if all else fails, just eat it !

The BC Mills House


A most peculiar snowman in the picnic area – I think this guy needs some dietary advice.

 IMG_3863 The park is very quiet while the trails are snow packed and icy.

Views up the river valley from the bridge

IMG_3865 And back down over the picnic grounds from the trail returning on the East side of the river.


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