Sunday, March 06, 2011

Hairy Head-Wrap

When Mojo was a puppy one of his favourite ‘moves’ was wait until you were sat on an armchair or the sofa and apparently paying him no attention, then leap up and over you until he was wrapped around the back of your neck and shoulders like a scarf. 

It gave him no end of delight to hear the squeal of shock from the poor unsuspecting human underneath.

While he has thankfully pretty much given up this annoying trait, just occasionally it rears its ugly head, as was the case one evening this week.

Only that ‘cute little puppy’ is now a 50lb beast…………….



Doug said...

Mojo has all kinds of cute puppy moves : )

David and Adrian said...

Thanks Doug. Unlike our last Aussie who took life very seriously, Mojo is just plain goofy and fun.