Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hockey Season is here again

Last night the playoffs arrived again for dedicated Canucks fans in Vancouver.  David and I were bought Canuck teeshirts as part of our citizenship gift from Stephen and Andrea and then last Friday we attended a fund-raising dinner event for disaster relief efforts in Japan and they had a limited number of donated jerseys one of which we bought. 

We spent the evening at Sig and Helens.  Their friend (and equally dedicated hockey fan) Sharon came over but the kids were over at their dads.

It was a quintessentially west coast Canadian evening…, sushi and beer !

David, Sharon, myself and Sig.


Myself with our hosts for the evening Sig & Helen.


It was a great game with Vancouver winning 2-0 over Chicago.  We play them again on Friday.

However, the excitement eventually became too much for little Missie who had to snooze on the sofa next to us, snuggled warm by her own little Canucks blanket !


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