Monday, April 11, 2011

Lighthouse Park, April ‘11

Last week on the only pleasant sunny day that I had time to get out with Mojo, Mojo was unfortunately sick.  So, it seems a long time since we have been out walking in recent weeks.

Today however Mojo is fighting fit again, the weather was a blustery, bright and sunny Spring day so a great time to visit Lighthouse Park where the coastal trails enjoy plenty of sunlight and the sea breeze will be refreshing.

It’s still early in the season so despite being a nice sunny day there is still loads of room in the parking lot at Lighthouse Park.

IMG_4307 It only takes a few minutes of walking and you are soon immersed into the forest, away from all the sights and sounds of West Vancouver.

IMG_4308Sheltered from the noises of both the city and the coast the only sounds are the birds and the occasional rummaging of squirrels and the like on the forest floor.

More views in the interior trails as we head for the coastal path.

IMG_4312 Mojo demonstrates the enormous size of the trunks on some of the old growth trees


The sunlight pours through this rare tract of old growth coastal rainforest.

IMG_4314Soon we reach the coastal pathway and take the trail down to Starboat Cove.  En route down to the cove a detour takes you to a cliff edge overlooking the cove with a bench.  A perfect spot to stop and have lunch, or in our case drink our coffee and soak up some sun and enjoy the views.


Views of the Lions Gate Bridge, Stanley Park and Downtown skyline from Starboat Cove.


Starboat Cove


After our coffee we walk down to the beach area in Starboat Cove, Mojo has raced ahead and is already paddling.  Everytime we visit this cove the route is a little different as with each storm the huge pile of driftwood increases or decreases or just gets moved around and you have to pick you way over and around the wood.


Mojo decides there isn’t enough driftwood already on the beach and he needs to rescue some more he’s seen lying underwater.  The trouble is he is just a little scared of waves.  Even these little tiny waves lapping at his feet are a disturbance as he attempts to bring the driftwood to dry land.

Views of Starboat Cove from the beach.

It seems to be the waves breaking around his feet that upsets Mojo the most, he’s more than happy to race off and swim in the sea to fetch his sticks.

Eventually however it’s time for us to move on.  We continue past the Lighthouse viewpoint which has attracted what visitors there are in the park and about 20 minutes later reach Shore Pine Point. Views here along the coastline from Shore Pine Point.


The Bowen Island ferry returning to Horseshoe Bay.


Water access at Shore Pine Point.


Finally the lovely views to the West across the entrance of Howe Sound towards Bowen Island.



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I really enjoy your posts and Mojo.

David and Adrian said...

Thanks M ! Do you have a blog yourself ?