Friday, August 19, 2011

Lindeman Lake

After leaving Teapot Hill and Cultus Lake Provincial Park we turned East on Vedder Mountain Road which brought us to Vedder Crossing where we turned East again onto Chilliwack Lake Road.  There are a few farms and homes dotted along the first few kilometres of this road but essentially it’s about 40kms of beautiful countryside tucked south of the mountain range bordering the Fraser Valley and just North of the US border.

Chilliwack Lake Road running through the Chilliwack River Valley is wide, quiet and scenic.


For a number of kilometres the road runs roughly parallel to the Chilliwack River.




A panorama of the Chilliwack River next to Chilliwack Lake Road.

There were beautiful views across the meadows of the valley floor towards the surrounding peaks.




We continue the drive along Chilliwack Lake Road and enter Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park.  A short distance later we see a line of parked cars at the side of the road, an odd sight since we had been driving for the last 40 minutes in the middle of nowhere seeing very few other cars.  However, the impromptu parking lot marked the trailhead for the Lindeman Lake walk as well as a few other trails beginning from here including a 14km circular walk around four mountain lakes.


The trail starts level in sub-alpine forest that lets a lot of sunlight through.

IMG_5256 Initially the trail follows alongside Post Creek, Mojo here cools off with a quick paddle.


Soon though the route becomes more demanding, including some clambering over boulders and rocks although when nature throws a big obstacle in the way a path is made clear.

IMG_5258 More views along the Lindeman Lake trail.

IMG_5259 After a while the trail crosses Post Creek using a fallen tree as a bridge.  Here Mojo tries to navigate the steps up onto the bridge.


We both make it across to the other side, view back across the bridge from there.

IMG_5263 Further up the hillside the trail rejoins Post Creek as it rushes down the steep descent.


After a short but steady climb we get our first glimpses of Lindeman Lake.

IMG_5266 IMG_5267

We walk some distance along the west side of the lake and find a good spot to stop and have lunch.  The view from our lunch place;


We noticed many maples and other deciduous trees around the lake.  We should come back a little later in the year when the leaves are turning colour.


Although we noticed in some places they appear to be turning already – these high elevations have long winters and short summers !  This with the view towards snowy peaks in the south end of the lake.

IMG_5285 Panorama of beautiful peaceful Lindeman Lake.

After lunch we walk further alongside the lake to some nice flat beach areas where Mojo could easily get into and out of the lake to swim.  Which he did.  Lots.



Unbothered by the cold temperature of the glacial-fed lake Mojo races in and out after sticks.

More views of Lindeman Lake.

IMG_5283The south end of the lake has a few wilderness campsites.  The parks board have created flat bases for tents due to the rocky nature of the lakeshore. However this is definitely a wilderness camping location, no hot showers or pub here !



The trail along the west side of the lake does continue a further couple of kilometres to Greendrop Lake and then circle around to two more lakes and back to the parking lot.  However, the two walks were enough for us today.  We will save Greendrop and the others for another day.

A final view north up Lindeman Lake.


We descend back to the car.  Approximately 1 kilometre on from the Lindeman Lake trailhead is the entrance to the day-use area of Chilliwack Lake plus a gravel road which runs down along the east shore of the lake.  However, as it is well into the afternoon we decide to also hold that for another day and a separate hike. 

More views of the valley as we drive back towards Highway 1.


And plenty more nice quiet road.


Chilliwack Lake Road includes a couple of old wooden bridges including this one over Slesse Creek.


Views south along Slesse Creek.


Looking North up Slesse Creek.


Finally we reach the small town of Vedder Crossing and fill up on gas as it`s about 15c per litre cheaper here than in the city and make our way back to Highway 1 and home. 

A really fantastic day out with lovely weather and spectacular scenery.  There are more walks in these two provincial parks which we will no doubt be back to explore.

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