Saturday, August 20, 2011

Mojo survived the vets…….and the vet survived Mojo.

Yesterday Mojo was due his annual immunisation shots.  Having been preconditioned to hate the vet from the day we first collected him (long history) last year we changed veterinary practises and arranged for a home visit so the vet came to the house to perform the health check and shots.

Mojo was fine with the home visit so we decided to try him out on the new veterinary practise this time around.

We walked around the neighbourhood for a few minutes to de-energise Mojo and do some tricks in the parking lot to get him into ‘working’ mode.

The result was that he was absolutely great in the vets this week.  It was clear this wasn’t his idea of fun but he tolerated it and was completely submissive through the appointment (just like Charlie used to be) rather than aggressive as he used to be with the previous vet.  Dr Sidhu our new vet is also excellent with Mojo being friendly but also very confident with him.

After the examination and shots we waited in reception while they prepared our account.  This gave Mojo plenty of opportunity to watch the tiny kittens waiting for adoption.  Mojo couldn’t quite decide between the black one to chase or tan one.  Either way he knew he definitely wanted one of this tiny living toys.

Well done Mojo on being brave and well-behaved for us at the vets, but no we’re not getting you a kitten.


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