Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Afternoon Tea

On Saturday we took Sue & Mal out for ‘afternoon tea’.  This particular kind of tea is the long-island variety and on Saturdays they are the special at Joeys – double for the price of a single.  Thanks Mal for allowing us to ‘steal’ these photos from you for this post.

Our group shortly after we arrived at Joeys on Burrard St.  Clockwise, Sue, David, Randy (Stephens cousin), me, Andrea and Stephen. Mal was taking the photograph and Launa was yet to join us. On the table yummy sushi cones – tempura prawns with avocado, spicy mayo and cucumber in a lettuce wrap.


Myself with Andrea and Stephen.


The giant light feature in the Joeys Bentall location on Burrard.


After a shocking 21 ‘tea’s’ between the group (they’re very drinkable!) we headed over to Cactus Club across the road.

David and I in Cactus Club.


Andrea and David with the new drink of choice, Cactus Club special of fruity red sangria.


Stephen, Launa and Randy.  Oh dear, is that wine that has appeared on the table ?


Randy & Andrea


Sue with Stephen, Mal & Launa.  Looks like Sue is reeling off one of her jokes.


A really fun afternoon and evening had by all, with some of our group having a particularly ‘merry’ time.  Sue…..are you beginning to lean ?……


Don’t worry Sue, what happens in Vancouver, stays in Vancouver.  We won’t tell a soul……


Yael said...

A perfect Vancouver, how I wish I can get back to this wonderful city in Canada.

Mal. said...

Great Time had by all.....missing you "Big Time"