Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Week of Local Walks

Over the last week our contractors have been working diligently in our basement with the renovations which will hopefully be complete the first week of November.  In the meantime there is much incentive to get out of the house with the noise and interuption more for Mojo than myself.  However, with other work commitments of my own and the need to stay in touch with the contractors we have stayed close to home and walked only in North Vancouver.  No new walks here just retracing some of our usual steps in bright fall weather.

Lynn Headwaters.

We completed the long loop at Lynn Headwaters and added the Varley Trail to the route for an extra few kilometres.  The Varley Trail as it winds through the forest.


Views up Lynn Creek from the bridge at the picnic grounds in the park.

IMG_5968 The couple of weeks before this had been extremely wet so the forest trails are already soaked….it’s not even November yet !  The stepping-stone-logs are coming in handy.

IMG_5971 A paddle and a drink – all of the seasonal creeks are flowing fully again.

IMG_5972 After a couple hours walking we reach 3rd Debris Chute and nice views across Hanes Valley.


IMG_5976 Beside the river at 3rd Debris Chute.

IMG_5980 We then return on the faster and easier riverside trail getting these views along the way.


Buntzen Lake.

Another day last week we met up with Sig and walked the dogs at Buntzen Lake.  Three sitting dogs here waiting for the rewards for their efforts.

IMG_5987 Mystery Peak, Mt Seymour.

On another bright clear day recently we walked on Mount Seymour to Mystery Lake and Peak.  I had hoped to actually do the Mt Seymour Peak route this year but on this day we didn’t have time for the longer hike and it won’t be long before the first snows arrive….so that will probably have to wait for another year.

We first walked the Mystery Lake and Peak route about one year ago.  Today started sunny but clouded as the day progressed so the photos aren’t as great as last time.  Still a lovely change of scenery, alpine vs forest and being so exposed plenty of chance to enjoy the October sun.

From the main parking lot on Mt Seymour the trails head off in different directions, left to Dog Mountain, straight ahead to Mt Seymour or ahead and right to Mystery Lake.


As we climb the trail winds back and forth under one of the stationary chairlifts, awaiting the upcoming ski season.


Gorgeous fiery reds mark the colour of the season.


We had intended to stop and have a paddle in Mystery Lake on our way to the peak but our unfortunate timing meant a couple had just sat for a peaceful lunch right at the beach area of the lake and I didn’t think they would appreciate the sights, sounds and smells of a disgusting, wet Australian shepherd bouncing all over them.  So no photo op at the lake today we just headed on up towards the peak.

At the top of the last steep scramble the clouds have rolled in to the south so no views over the city today but we still have a nice aspect West across the lower slopes of Mt Seymour.


The peak of Mt Seymour, we’ll try and get there in 2012 !


Snowy peaks to the North, probably on the edge of Garibaldi Provincial Park.


Having missed out on a drink in Mystery Lake Mojo settles for a small pond we found near the top of Mystery Peak.


More views from Mystery Peak before making our return walk down on the other half of todays circular walk.



Quarry Rock.

Another recent walk was to Quarry Rock in the village of Deep Cove on the Eastern end of North Vancouver.

We park in  the village and set out across Panorama Park, views here along the waters edge into Indian Arm.  The ridge on the opposite side of the water is in the Buntzen Lake Recreation Area and contains the Diez Vistas Trail we walked back in August.  Click here for that post.


Mojo waits patiently for his off-leash walk.  This whole taking photos business seems so unnecessary !


The route to Quarry Rock uses the Baden Powel Trail


The trail climbs up through the forest, mostly second generation with a few impressive old-growth stumps left.

IMG_6069 Lots of fall colours in amongst the evergreens.


The Quarry Rock lookout was very busy when we got there so we only stopped for a few minutes.  The high cloud meant there wasn’t going to be an impressive view anyway.  We took this quick snap looking back down at the village of Deep Cove before returning the way we had come.



M said...

Hi, I will like to know if you use a guide book for your walks? The reason I'm asking is because you seem to know the names of many north shore places and which trails to take and so on..

David and Adrian said...

Hello M

Thanks for your email and interest in our blog.

The most useful resource I use is a website www.vancouvertrails.com It's particularly useful for checking out trail conditions etc in the comments sections of each trail and I like the photos to give you a feel for the environment you will be walking in.

Another useful online resource is the BC Parks website www.bcparks.bc.ca If you know the park you're going to and want to find out what trails are available this is a good source of info.

I do also occasionally use two books :
"109 Walks in British Columbia's Lower Mainland" by Mary & David Macaree ISBN 978-1-55365-443-8


"Best Hikes & Walks of Southwestern British Columbia" by Dawn Hanna ISBN-10: 1-55105-455-8

The two books differ quite significantly. The first doesn't have any photos but is updated regularly and I find the trail descriptions very accurate. However none of these walks are very challenging.

The second book by Hanna has photos and diagrams to visually show the elevation gain/descent of the trail from start to finish which I like. However the most recent edition appears to be 2006 and I have found at least a couple of walks that have significantly changed or no longer exist so it's not thoroughly reliable.

I believe the writers of 109 Walks also published a book called 103 Hikes which is the more challenging version of the Walks book. I have not purchased it myself as I find enough to occupy me using the websites and books mentioned above, but worth considering if you are looking for walking books.

I hope this info is of some assistance, please don't hesitate to email again if you have any further questions in general or about specific walks.

Thanks !


M said...

Thank you so much..

Norm Watt said...

David & Adrian - I have just discovered your blog - very nice!
In answer to M's question about guidebooks, I'd like to do some shameless self-promotion and refer him (and maybe others) to a North Shore hiking guidebook I had published in 2010 - "Off the Beaten Path - A Hiking Guide to Vancouver's North Shore". It has 31 hikes, all in North or West Vancouver, complete with maps and photos. It's in most of the local bookstores and libraries.
(ISBN 978-1-55017-479-3)
Norm W.