Thursday, February 02, 2012

Best Buddies

Yesterday was a break between weatherfronts and so a nice dry day to get out.  Our friend Sig asked me if I could walk Buddy too as she was going to be busy during the day so Mojo got his best friend along on the walk, which delighted him no end !

Just a couple of snaps here of the two boys on their walk, taken on my iPhone.

I am not sure why Mojo was pulling a face in this one ?  I didn’t realise until I got home and looked at the image on the computer. I don’t doubt if Buddy could pose a ‘V’ sign behind Mogo’s head he’d do that too.

Mojo and Buddy 4

Waiting for me to catch up.

Mojo and Buddy edit

The nearby ducks made a suitable distraction to create the aurora of posing, thoughtful and intelligent dogs !

Mojo and Buddy 1 Mojo and Buddy are best pals and terrific company for eachother on a walk.

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Louise Ducote said...

The waiting-for-you-to-catch-up photo is hilarious. You can almost see the thought bubbles above their head: hurry up already!