Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Mojo’s Birthday Walk

Today our Mojo turned 3 ! 

I wanted to stay close to home on the North Shore but also to ensure Mojo got a good walk today.  As it it was bright and sunny I decided to head over to Lighthouse Park as we hadn’t been there for a few months and gives Mojo a variety of beaches, sea to swim in as well as rocky forest trails to charge around on.

We start off down the main trail leading towards the lighthouse before turning left onto the much smaller side trails through the forest.

IMG_6979 Mojo demonstrates the giant size of some of the old growth cedars in the park.


We take a side trail which leads down to Starboat Cove.


There’s lots of driftwood to climb over, fetch, lick (it’s salty !) and of course, sit on.

IMG_6991 More views of pretty Starboat Cove.


Mojo plays for a good 20-30 minutes in the calm seawater, paddling and fetching sticks.  Even though he’s now 3 years old (that’s 21 in human years) he still hasn’t figured out that it’s easier to carry a sick in the middle !



Mojo fetching a stick in Starboat Cove.

Views West along the cove before we head back onto the Valley Trail around the park.

IMG_6998 A little further along we pass the Point Atkinson lighthouse.


We take the detour to West Bay for an extra down-and-back-up excursion and another quick swim for Mojo.


We continue along the perimeter trail of the park until we reach Shore Pine Point.  Views here from Shore Pine Point towards Bowen Island.


Merganser Bay and the West Vancouver coastline.


A lone kayaker paddles towards Bowen Island.


The West Vancouver coastline with the peaks of Tetrahedron Provincial Park in the background.

IMG_7014 Finally a panorama of the views from Shore Pine Point before we continue along the trail back up to the parking lot.

No new views here today but a lovely walk nonetheless and making the best of the great weather before it deteriorates tomorrow (you can see the cloud already forming to the West on the video above).

So, Happy Birthday Mojo !  We hope you had a fun day.  His main present this year was a new dishwasher….perhaps a little unorthodox for a dog but hey….less time washing dishes means more time playing with Kong after dinner !

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Louise Ducote said...

Mojo! Happy Birthday, you beautiful three-year-old boy! You are so lucky to live in such gorgeous country, and to have humans who get you out swimming, hiking and hunting sticks. Many happy wishes and woofs from your Aussie friends in Texas.