Friday, March 09, 2012

Our first Bonspiel

We were invited to join the Scott-Fossil 2nd annual Bonspiel the other week and have a few pics to share.


Not as easy as it looks given you have to slide along the ice in a crouched position along side the stone which when you have just the right, not too much momentum, you release, plus or minus a slight turn of the handle that will over the course of the slide turn or ‘curl’ the stone to just where you want it. Hence Curling.

Adrian Curling

The sweeping at the target end aids the slide move the last few inches into the best position by your team but once past the midline of the target can be used to help your shot slide further out or beyond it.

And my turn……

David Curling

David CurlingBelieve it or not we came third place probably due to our team mates but both had at least one decent stone each placing in the target.

My right knee was bruised for a week but the prize of a bottle of wine helped numb the pain.

The competition was very sportsman like with a prize for the team who came last too. The first place winners 2Here some teammates show off the champions trophy with a picture of some past real competition winners.

photo 3

We will endeavour to learn some more, at least in theory, before next year. Find out more here.

Thank you so much Deb & Brian for giving us another new experience that makes us feel truly Canadian.

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