Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hayward Lake, May 2012

This week we have enjoyed day-after-day of beautiful sunshine.

On Tuesday my diary was empty so we took the opportunity to get out and walk a little further afield from home and decided on Hayward Lake nestled in the countryside between the towns of Maple Ridge and Mission.

Before getting wet and mucky, Mojo poses in front of Beaver Lake with his extraordinarily long tongue !


Peaceful Beaver Lake.


We start along the Railway Trail which is easy walking and reasonably level.


Views across to the East side of the lake.


This walk is absolutely perfect for anyone with a dog on a summers day, there are numerous opportunities to get in the lake for a dip. I had to protest and stop Mojo getting in at every chance but allowed him a few swims along the way.


Views towards the South end of the lake.


The Railway Trail hugs the side of the lake from the North end all the way to Ruskin Dam at the South end.


More views of Hayward Lake.



Lots of small inlets that the trail winds around making the walk much further than just one end of the lake to the other !


After each swim Mojo finds a new burst of energy and needs the stick thrown, lots. However, sometimes a rest between throws is welcome.


Mojo posing for the camera on his walk.


We walk to the South end of the lake and despite checking the park website before setting out for any closures (there were none stated) we discover Ruskin Dam at the south end of the lake is closed for seismic upgrades…….so a full loop around the lake was not possible. 

We turn around at the dam and head back along the Railway Trail and find a great, private little beach to stop at for lunch, one we have stopped at before and as always the place is quiet, we have it all to ourselves.


Mojo is happy to hang out at the beach, eat egg sandwiches and swim, swim, swim.


Mojo swimming at our lunch spot on Hayward Lake.

A panorama view of Hayward Lake from our lunch spot.

We continue back along the Railway Trail getting these views North up the lake.


Finally these views around the park at the North end of the lake.


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Louise Ducote said...

Sooooo beautiful. And the scenery is nice, too.