Monday, May 21, 2012

Rolley Lake Provincial Park

After our shorter-than-anticipated walk at Hayward Lake we decided to call into nearby Rolley Lake Provincial Park as it was only a short detour and offered a further 45 minute walk around the smaller lake and ensured Mojo would be good n’ snoozy by the end of the day.

We follow the gravel road into the park and get the first views of the peaceful lake.


The trail winds through the bright, sunny forest alongside the lake.


As is common in BC Parks dogs were not allowed on the main public beach of the lake but throughout the rest of the walk there were lots of opportunities to get in and have a swim.


So he did…..



About half way around the lake there is a side trail leading about 10 minutes to Rolley Falls.  It’s smaller than the main trail but weaves up and down through the mixed forest.


We soon reach Rolley Falls. They are pleasant enough but really more of a ‘bump’ in the creek than an impressive set of ‘falls’


Nonetheless it was another opportunity to get paws wet.


Rolley Falls.


Panorama from the bridge over the creek at Rolley Falls.

After having a drink, paddle and photographs taken we head back to the lake and continue, this time along the North side.



This end of the lake was particularly quiet, just the sounds of the birds.

Further along the trail we can see the ‘human’ beach across the lake on the South side. Not exactly busy on this mid-week afternoon.


As we skirt the Eastern end of the lake we pass a beautifully clear clean creek that feeds into the lake.  Mojo takes the opportunity for another paddle and drink as the sun filters through the trees.


We reach the Western end of the lake and get good views across it to the North-East.


This end of the lake was very marshy and boardwalks help you get around with dry feet.


There were also benches for you to sit, enjoy the view and contemplate life, as demonstrated by Mojo.


Finally, a panorama view from the South-West end of the lake before we return to the car and head home, both of use suitably exhausted from a good days of walks.

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