Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Fort Anne National Historic Site, Annapolis Royal

The location of Fort Anne National Historic Site in Annapolis Royal has been a fort since 1629 when the Scottish came to colonise and create New Scotland (now Nova Scotia) however they didn’t keep it long and in the 1630’s the land fell back under French control and renamed Port Royal. In 1702 the French built the earthworks that remain today.

In 1710 the French lost control of Nova Scotia to the British marking the defeat of the French Acadians. With the fall of Quebec from French rule in 1759 the fort no longer held important military important although it was used as a secure outpost during the American Revolution and War of 1812.

In 1920 it was designated a National Historic Site.

Monument of Pierre Dugua de Mons was named Lieutenant General of Acadia & New France and set out in 1604 to create a colony.


Restored cannons


Views from Fort Anne across the Annapolis River


More cannons


Views from the site


The preserved Captains Quarters which were built in 1797.



We take a short walk through the village of Annapolis Royal before the weather turns even wetter and windier and we get back on the road.




The weather was particularly rough on this day as Hurricane Leslie passed some distance offshore but dumped a lot of wind and rain on us.  We didn’t do more sightseeing rather headed for our base that evening in the town of Truro.

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