Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Confederation Bridge

After arriving in Truro we realised firstly that the bad weather would continue into the next day and that we could instead have an extra night in Prince Edward Island and hopefully enjoy better weather while we were there. 

This turned out to be a great move as we really liked Prince Edward Island and also heard on the news the following evening that parts of Nova Scotia and in particularly Truro where we had left that morning had been deluged with rain and homes, businesses and motels were flooded out.

From Truro we drove North some way through open country, looking out for moose (didn’t see any on this particular day)


Our route took us North through Nova Scotia just over the provincial border into New Brunswick where we then turned North East to cross the Confederation Bridge that would take us to Prince Edward Island.

At 12.9 kms (8 miles) the bridge is the longest in the World over winter-ice-covered waters and was built over four years, opening in 1997.

Views of the bridge from the visitors centre on the New Brunswick side before we cross.


Views of the dirty Cape Jourimain lighthouse.


Dad, Mum and I with the Confederation Bridge behind.


The New Brunswick flag.


We take the 8mi drive across the bridge.



It’s not long before we’re on the Prince Edward Island side, so much quicker than a ferry !


The bridge from the PEI side, note the red soil & sand which was everywhere on the island.


Then we take the easy going country roads across the south shore of the island to the provincial capital of Charlottetown where we stay for the next three nights.  Even the roads had a red hue to them !


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