Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Prince Edward Island

Our second full day on P.E.I. was spent driving up the to North Coast of the island. 

Prince Edward Island National Park is divided into three sections.  We headed to the most Easterly region first called Greenwich which was added to the National Park in 1998 as a large area of protected dunes.  The North Coast of P.E.I. suffers from coastal erosion particularly during heavy winter storms so additional coastline has been added while the original areas of park are gradually reducing in size.

We get our first views of the dunes from the land side.


A boardwalk across the sensitive marshes provides access to the coastal side of the dunes.


Views of the marsh named Bowley Pond


David on the boardwalk over Bowley Pond


Mum and Dad in the same location


A short walk later the trail climbs up over the dunes and the sea (well strictly Gulf of St. Lawrence) comes into sight.


We were very lucky with another lovely weather day on P.E.I. and spending it walking and viewing the gorgeous coastline was perfect. Views along the coastline at Prince Edward Island National Park (Greenwich).



After taking in the views here we return along the boardwalk as it winds it’s way back through the dunes and marsh towards the parking lot.


Mum and Dad on the boardwalk.


We return to the car and drive West along the Northern edge of the island.  The countryside is typically rolling hills, farmland and small waterside villages anchored by a church or two.




After stopping for lunch at the Dune Cafe & Studio in Brackley Beach we continue West in our search for the red sand & cliffs that PEI is well known for.

It isn’t long before we find them, our first views here just outside the village of North Rustico.



From here we took Gulf Shore Parkway along the coast and there were numerous great viewing locations of the pretty red coastline.


The cliffs along this side of the coast come with warning signs as they’re unstable due to erosion so you shouldn’t stand too close to the edge.


A large cormorant colony.


More views of the coastline


Back in the car driving towards Cavendish we meet a very tame red fox


And a relative


We pass by the Green Gables House which is the setting for the 1908 novel Anne of Green Gables.


To the small town Cavendish is the most Westerly and original section of the Prince Edward Island National Park.  We park the car and walk to the coastal section of this park for our final water views of our day on the P.E.I. coast.


Mum and I at the Cavendish section of Prince Edward Island National Park.


As we leave the park we meet yet another fox, before driving back to our house in Charlottetown.


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