Friday, December 15, 2006

Another winter storm

Since the beginning of November we have had storm after storm roll in from the pacific. The biggest storm was on the 15th November which knocked out power across most of the Lower Mainland, brought down hundreds upon hundreds of trees and stirred up the lakes so much they put a boil water advisory on the drinking water for 12 days.

Last night we experienced another winter storm. Not as serious as the one a month ago it nonetheless brought a good amount of wind & rain. The wind is a pain because it invariably knocks out the power (all over head power cables + lots of trees + wind = regular power cuts). However, the rain is more fun as it fills up the rivers & lakes.

This post shows some photographs of Lynn Canyon taken today (15th Dec). They show how much the rivers have increased in quantity and velocity since we visited the park with my parents in October (

Below is one of many newly fallen trees across a path in the park. It probably came down in last nights storm as the parks authority are usually pretty good at clearing the paths within a couple of days of them getting blocked.

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