Friday, December 15, 2006

Hockey Night

One of Sues requests while she was here was to go to an Ice Hockey match, since it is kind of the national sport. We had not been to one ourselves so were definitely up for it.

The big local team are the Vancouver Canucks. They are in the NHL (National Hockey League) which is across North America. A little bit like England and cricket (we invented it but aren't any good at it anymore) Canada has a similar problem with hockey. The Canucks nonetheless are in the top league and so their tickets are a fairly steep $65-$75 a game.

We then discovered the Vancouver Giants ( They are in the WHL (Western Hockey League) which is the next one down from the NHL. They were playing while Sue was here and since none of us were hockey connoisseurs and the tickets were only $18 a head we settled for a WHL game in the Pacific Coliseum at the Pacific National Exhibition (

It was Friday Dec 1st and we saw them play the Prince George Cougars. The speed with which the game is played and at which they crash into the sides of the arena is certainly entertaining and I don't doubt we'll be back to watch another game with more of our visitors.

Incidently, the Giants won 5-2. :-)

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