Saturday, December 02, 2006

Deep Cove

Today we visited Deep Cove, which is a 'village' on the easternmost edge of the Northshore, and sides onto the deep water inlet of Indian Arm. It enjoys stunning scenery and a lovely community small town atmosphere yet is still within half an hours drive of Vancouvers downtown. It is definately a location that we would have considered living in but unfortunately due to the steep geography of the village there are not many 'dog-friendly' houses with reasonable size flat gardens - it's great to visit though.

We got talking to a guy walking two australian shepherd dogs in the park. He recommended a cafe nearby for dinner which we will have to check out soon and for morning coffee and a snack he suggested Honey's. Let's just say we went, we ate and we'll be back.

The hills on the opposite side of the water are the village of Belcarra and the slopes behind Port Moody. Whilst these look near they are a good 30-45 minutes drive to reach due to the georgraphy and limited opportunities to cross the water.

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