Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Lynn Headwaters Jan 30th

Today Charlie and I took ourselves out for a walk at Lynn Headwaters Regional Park. Situated only 5 minutes drive from home it's easy to reach and offers many km's of trails ranging from a gentle riverside amble along old logging tracks to serious backcountry hiking.

Although the recent snow has melted from our own house, it was still in abundance in the park.

We climbed to a scenic outlook, which was a large rocky outcrop, covered in snow and today basking in surprisingly warm sunshine. The view itself was rather hazy and since the outlook was pretty much due south it was straight into the sun. For those familiar with the geography, in the gap between trees to the right of the photo is the 2nd Narrows Bridge, and the 'bump' to the middle-left of the image is Burnaby Mountain with Simon Fraser University on the top. Both were quite visible to the naked eye but have not come out very well in the photos.

Even Charlie can appreciate the view, or perhaps life is so bad he's contemplating jumping off the edge

Charlie was so engrossed in his walk, continually fetching stick and peeing on trees (plenty of opportunity) he completely forgot to drink out of the many streams we crossed on the way up. By the time we reached the top he was gasping and had to eat the snow.

Dating from 1908, 'Old Mill Lodge' above was built to serve the logging industry that prevailed at that time, before the area was designated a regional park. Most of the flatter trails are old logging routes, and some old equipment and machinery can still be found left where they were last used.
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Lovely pictures. Wish we were there
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