Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Weather Obsessive!

OK so we thought that Brits were obsessed with the weather but here it is a big deal. We have come to expect that whatever the weather, and we admit that they do have alot of it here, weather that is, it will feature as a major news story each evening. It is talked about all the time. If you should miss the news items it is reported at regular intervals. Or you could tune in to the weather channel on TV or there is a back to back weather radio station.

So altough we have posted alot about all the snow, rain & sun we have had, all great weather to talk about, we have not really covered the great wind storms much. We it got really windy & loads of trees were blown down. We even suffered power outages!!

Locally we snapped a few pics of the uprooted trees in the park opposite our house.........

D & A.

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