Monday, January 01, 2007

Merry Christmas & Happy New year from Vancouver

Well our first Christmas in Vancouver is here. What a full year we have had. As the new Boy David got to work Christmas Eve & Christmas day so Charlie & Adrian had a quiet day at home. Our real Christmas started on Boxing Day.

With Bucks Fizz (a Mimosa for Canadian Viewers) in hand we set about opening our presents to eachother & Charlie.

Charlie Loves Presents and helps us open them whether they are his or not. As the next post shows he needs no help opening his own!!

Christmas is about family & so very important was a Web Cam session to spread the festive cheer and a 'Waller' traditional hour long present opening session.

It doesn't photograph well but here is a snap of Annabel getting her Portable DVD player.

This really made our day as did the web chat Ad had with his folks on Christmas day itself. We really missed everyone so much over the holidays and for once felt far from home. Our Webcam has become a prized possesion and essential for keeping our great family close.

2006 has been a full and exciting year, lets hope 2007 is even better. We wish you all a happy & prosperous New Year.

Much Love

D & A

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