Wednesday, February 02, 2011

House-Hunting on your Phone

It’s been another busy couple of weeks warranting few photos of our activities. 

David was extremely busy last week preparing for his Lean Leadership Module Marathon and this week has been playing catch up on everything that was ignored the week before.

I have been in creative mode developing a new website for my business and beginning the annual slog of client prospecting as we head towards the busy Spring market. 

One of the cool new features of my site is the ability for Buyers to be able to search listings using their iPhone, iPad or other Android Smartphone.

iPhone images x 2Sorry folks in the UK you won’t be able to play with this device but our BC readers will find listings throughout the Lower Mainland from Pemberton to Hope including the southern Sunshine Coast and of course the whole of Metro Vancouver. 

One of the nicest features of the ‘app’ is that it uses the GPS in the phone to create a map and show you listings in your immediate (or pre-defined if you type in a specific location) area.  You can then click on the listings to see price, full MLS info, all the photos, arrange showings, ‘save’ for future reference as well as email them to yourself, friends & family.  As you walk or move around the neighbourhood the map will move with you, updating with listings as you move.   It’s an essential new gadget for buyers trawling through weekend open-houses, and nosey neighbours who want to know all about the house with the ‘for sale’ sign they just passed !

iphone 190 pix 2 A brief summary of some of my mobile search features include:

* Automatically locate yourself via GPS and see all available listings for sale up to 1km radius around you.

* Have the app ‘follow’ you by updating your position and nearby listings as you walk or drive.

* Drag the map and see the nearby listings searched as you do that.

* Manually override your current location by entering the address of your choice.

* Sign up for my Registered Buyers Centre to receive access to full MLS listings (including room dimensions, full property specification etc).

* Log into Registered Buyers Centre.

* See full details of each listing including all photos.

* Email listings to family & friends.

* Inquire about the listings or set up showings.

* ‘Star’ the listings for later review in the Registered Buyers Centre.

* Call and/or send an SMS message directly to Adrian from the contact forms.

You can download the app url for free anytime by either clicking one of the two images in this blog post or visiting my website at and following signs for ‘MOBILE Search’.  Or, you can just CLICK HERE.

If anybody you know is house-hunting in the Lower Mainland be sure to let them know about this tool.

Sorry for this gratuitous advertising post but I wanted to let you all know why I have been so elusive over the last couple of weeks and that I had been working hard in the background !    The new website is still very much a ‘works in progress’ and over the coming months I will be expanding it significantly with articles and features on each individual neighbourhood in the city & North Shore and links to associated information that is valuable to buyers & sellers.

It is very exciting when development in technology opens new doors and a whole array of new opportunities in whatever field you work in.

Hopefully back to some more exciting and photogenic blog posts soon……….

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Doug and Jes said...

I'm one of those nosy neighbours who wants to see inside the homes for sale! Unfortunately my phone is not that smart. Looks like a great tool though. Glad to hear you guys have been working hard!