Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Mojo’s 2nd Birthday

Yesterday Mojo turned 2 years.  It’s really amazing where the last two years has gone !

We took a walk around the Stanley Park seawall.  We parked at Third Beach and cut through the park to give Mojo some (not strictly legal) off-leash time racing around in the woods before tethering him again for the stomp along the seawall. 

A bright day with some welcome sunshine.

IMG_3675 Mojo highlighting how absolutely enormous some of the old-growth trunks are in the park.

IMG_3677 Our through the park trail brings us out at Lost Lagoon where we head North towards the seawall.


Looking across to the Westend.


Mojo hopes I’ve laid on a tasty lunch feast in the park for him


Alas it’s not the case and we continue along the walk.



Then last night Mojo is as delighted as ever with his totally unexciting present !

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Doug and Jes said...

Happy Birthday Mojo! You look so big for just 2 years old : ) Stanley Park is a great place to celebrate your day.