Monday, February 28, 2011

Winter’s Not Done Just Yet

Just as the daffodils were preparing to bloom we had another burst of winter this weekend.  Around 10cms of snow settled at home on Saturday night and another 5cms or so fell during Sunday.  This was probably the largest delivery of snow we’ve had this season and it’s unusual for late February although we’ve still had a relatively mild winter and a lower than average snowfall in total.

I had appointments on Sunday morning so we needed to get up quite early to clear the drive.  A quick snap before we set to work shovelling…


The back of the house and the pretty snow covered trees surrounding the house.


Mojo of course enjoyed every minute of charging through the soft white powder both in the garden and his walk with David.  A brief clip of video in the garden.

At the peak of the snowfall the ploughs had difficulty keeping up.

IMG_3823 The neighbourhood was beautifully peaceful and quiet early on the Sunday morning.  Views North up the street.

IMG_3825 The snow was a nice little treat at the end of the winter and so good of it to fall at the weekend !

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Doug said...

Beautiful shots, your area looks like a ski resort! Mojo must have had a great time too. The daffodils.. not so much : )