Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Decorating the tree

In what has become something of a tradition in the last few years our friend Andrea joins us to decorate the tree ready for Christmas.  This year our friends Stephen & Glenn joined us as well as Esther who is down from Whitehorse in Yukon on a course at one of the hospitals.

The troops get to work.


IMG_6476 An hour of fun, giggles and drinks (hence the blurry picture !) and we have a decorated tree.  It looks fantastic, thanks for your help guys !


Only one of the tree ‘crackers’ has teeth marks in it which is quite an accomplishment given the number Mojo tried to steal in the process.  They are now all strategically placed above dog-head-height.

The reward for such great tree decorating (and rumour has it the reason we had such a good turn out to help), a fantastic dinner laid on by David.  Clockwise from left – David, Esther, Andrea, Glenn and Stephen.


Lamb shanks cooked long & slow in a delicious red-wine and vegetable sauce with garlic mashed potatoes, green beans and carrots. Mum & Dad FYI – the lamb shanks were about $10-$11 for a pack of three from Superstore although I didn’t notice the price per kg and have now thrown away the packaging, sorry !


Now we are all set for Christmas and our ‘first’ Christmas dinner, to host the 10 program managers from Davids hospital on Thursday evening, right after a forecast 24hrs of snow….it could be an eventful couple of days ahead !


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