Wednesday, December 07, 2011

It’s not Christmas yet Mojo

Mojo has been a little perturbed this week.  He has spotted some wrapped presents sitting on the sideboard in the living room that David brought back from England in November.

A fun tradition with our previous Aussie Charlie was that he would unwrap his own presents (and most other peoples if invited).  He loved the whole process of ripping of the paper and tape and pulling out whatever was inside.  Mojo has also quickly caught onto the spirit of receiving.  It’s too bad that Charlie used to unwrap and enjoy while Mojo tends to unwrap and destroy.

So, Mojo has developed a full understanding for shiny crinkly paper with twirly bits and bows.  He just doesn’t quite get that not all presents are for him and some presents that are for him he isn’t necessarily allowed just yet.   Not the greatest photos and video here as taken on my iPhone as it was to hand rather than grabbing the camera.

Mojo watching presents

He spent over an hour sat looking, pacing and occasionally whining or huffing & puffing asking to be given the presents to open.  Now, a couple of days later he still looks up there expectantly every time he walks past, just incase now is his moment.

Given that these are just a couple of presents on the sideboard, goodness knows what he’ll be like when we start putting them under the tree.  Here is a photo of Charlie from Christmas 2002, exercising perfect self-control and patience awaiting the invitation to start shredding paper and undoing bows.  Mojo……watch & learn.


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Louise Ducote said...

This post is hilarious! I love the intensity with which he's staring at those presents, as if his powerful Aussie focus might make something happen. Love the photo of Charlie, too!