Monday, December 12, 2011

Frosty walks with friends

Last Friday, in between the mundane tasks of a visit to Costco and the excitement of picking up the Christmas tree we were able to squeeze in a dog-walk with our friend Sig.

Before we left, telltale signs of Mojo in the garden, sat waiting for a crow or squirrel sighting.  An area of defrosted grass the shape of two paws and a big ole rump (no offense Mojo, just sayin’).


We walked in and around the ravines close to Sig & Helens house in The Crest neighbourhood of Burnaby.  The ravines are criss-crossed with a network of trails and perfect for the dogs to run around freely away from roads.

In a few locations on the walk we saw this unusual sight.  We think it’s where a tree branch has given off moisture which has steamed when the sun shines on it but the cold air temperature has frozen the steam as it’s rising from the branch.  It looks like cotton wool wrapped around the bushes.



Mojo as always was beside himself when we arrive, not knowing whether to get fuss from Sig, follow Buddy and worship the ground he walks on, sniff Missy intimately or fetch his stick.  He does a little of each followed by plenty of throwing the stick downhill to take some of the puff out of him although he still remembered to cock his leg when pee’ing in Buddys company, something he never does on his own !

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