Saturday, August 25, 2012

Hot Summer’s Day Hikes

Last week summer was fully here with daily temps into the 30’s so our focus was on walks with plenty of water access for Mojo. 

Just a few snaps from two of the walks we completed last week;

The first was in Cypress Provincial Park, close to home.  We took the Black Mountain trail from the alpine ski area, up the side of the bowl.

Views across the bowl to the ski area on the opposite side.


Soon we reach the first of many small alpine lakes.  Mojo posing having already had a good paddle and a quick swim.


Our favourite lake on this walk is Cabin Lake.  It has pretty rocky edges and is surround by short trees that reflect in it’s glasslike surface (except when Mojo’s been swimming).


Mojo spends a good 20 minutes or so swimming back and forth after his stick, loving every minute of it !



Video of Mojo swimming in peaceful Cabin Lake.

After his swim we continued the short further walk to Black Mountain but there was a family just sitting down to a picnic right on top so we decided just to continue on to Eagle Bluffs. 

The views from Eagle Bluffs on a clear day are astounding, from Mt Baker in Washington, right across the city, Vancouver Island, Bowen Island, Howe Sound and the Sunshine Coast.  Unfortunately today was very hazy so the views while nice, were not worth photographing.

A quick snap of Mojo from my phone, just to show us at Eagle Bluffs.

Mojo Eagle Bluffs

We returned on the circular route, taking the Baden Powel Trail and then connecting to the top of the chairlifts, which gave us great views across Cypress Bowl with The Lions just visible in the distance.



The next day we met up with our friend Sig and her dogs Buddy and Missie at Buntzen Lake.

To begin our hike we played for a while at the dog beach, which even though it was mid week was still extremely busy.


The South beach was buzzing with people and dogs !


Missie is a long-haired miniature daschund – not a breed that is known for wanting to be in water.  This particular long-haired miniature daschund grew up in the company of Buddy and Mojo and is quite different.  Just try getting her OUT of the water.

She loves fetching sticks just like the other two.  This video shows her hilarious swimming style, using her tail as a propeller !

After our time at the dog beach we completed the 3.5hr hike around the lake with plenty more swimming along the way.  A great way to spend a summers day.

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