Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Remaining Days of Denny, Jay and Annabel’s Visit

After returning from Oregon we had a few more days to relax in the city.

Denny was particularly keen to get some local walks in so as well as hikes at Lynn Headwaters we also visited Pitt Lake with them.

We ‘borrowed’ our friends dog Buddy and took him home with us afterwards as our friends were joining us for a BBQ in the evening.

Views towards the South from the dyke.


After fighting our way through the slightly overgrown wildlife reserve section of the walk we make it to the first observation tower, signalling the remainder of the walk on the wide flat dykes that will be easier to traverse.

David, Annabel, Jay, Denny, Buddy and Mojo


From the observation tower, views to the South over the marsh


And to the North



Mojo and his buddy, Buddy !


More good views as we walk.


After Buddy sets the example, Mojo also gets some swimming in.


Views to the North up Pitt Lake.


Annabel and the dogs


The Osprey we had seen a few weeks earlier with Bridget and Mal was still nesting.


We continue along the final section of the circular walk.


Then return to where we had left the car.  We enjoyed a picnic in the recreation area beside the river and headed home, a very nice day out !



On another day during their visit we decided to take them to Granville Island and see a little more of Downtown which we didn’t get to much on their last visit in 2007.

I took Mojo for a long early morning hike and then we left him to snooze at home.  We also left car and jumped on the bus down to Lonsdale Quay where we connected onto the Seabus across to Waterfront Station.

Annabel at Waterfront Station.


From Waterfront Station we took the Canada Line skytrain to Roundhouse Station where we departed and walked along the seawall to the nearest Aquabus watertaxi stop.

Views of houseboats from the water taxi as we travel along False Creek towards Granville Island. 


Some of the stores at Granville Island had the right idea !



Underneath Granville Bridge


Soon the morning marine cloud had burned off, the sun came out and we had views West along False Creek towards Burrard Bridge


Views East along False Creek


We visited lots of artisan shops and and then through the market which offers;

Things that are pretty…..


Things that are healthy……..


And things that are tasty…….. (and pretty, just not healthy !)


Annabel was impressed by the Pez Centre.


After lunch we decide to head back into Downtown.  Denny, Jay and Annabel waiting for the watertaxi to take us further West and back across False Creek.


Views back towards Granville Island as we cross False Creek.


Burrard Bridge from the water taxi


Once back on dry land we continue West along the Seawall, under the Burrard Bridge


Art installations on the beach in English Bay, we still find it amazing to have these nice sandy beaches right in Downtown !



More views as we continue along the Seawall towards the West End


We turn off the seawall at Denman St and head a couple blocks North where we stop and have fantastic ice creams at Marble Slab Creamery before continuing along Denman St past all the numerous restaurants and local stores before reaching the Northern section of the seawall.

Views across Coal Harbour and Lift Restaurant with Stanley Park in the background.


Looking along the seawall towards the grassy roof of the Convention Centre.


Assortment of yachts and houseboats with Downtown behind.


Looking towards home from Downtown.


We eventually followed the seawall back to Waterfront Station where we retraced our steps on the Seabus and Bus back home.  Lots of walking but a really nice way to see our city on a warm summers day.

The remaining couple of days were spent locally around the house and trails walking Mojo and catching up on last minute shopping before our visitors returned home.

Mojo having enjoyed some good walks was become a little pungent so Annabel helped me give him a bath.


As a special request from Jay the last night meal for our guests was steak with lobster tails as ever prepared expertly by David.



After our meal, using the timer function on the camera we managed a good family photo (after a few outtakes – thanks Mojo !)


A great visit guys, thanks for coming we really enjoyed the three weeks.  Look forward to seeing you here again in the future !

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