Monday, August 13, 2012

Oregon–Bob Straub State Park

The remainder of our stay in Oregon was sunny.

Having enjoyed Neskowin Beach previously, Annabel was quite flexible on what we did the next day, just so long as it involved a beach.  No problem, we’re on the Oregon Coast and beaches are aplenty.

With a quick bit of research we decided on Bob Straub State Park which was located a few miles North of Neskowin, near Pacific City.

Neskowin Beach was great but hadn’t prepared us for the beautiful stretch of coastline that is Bob Straub State Park. 

These are the views of the beach looking North as it merges into Cape Kiwanda State Natural Area a little further along. The sand was so soft and the whole area beautifully clean.


View to the South back towards Neskowin and Cascade Head.  We couldn’t believe that it was a Friday at the end of July and there virtually nobody else on the beach !


All together for a group shot.


We read that State Parks in Oregon allow dogs but require them to be on a leash at all times. In Canada that’s usually interpreted that you go off-leash and won’t run into a problem unless your dog causes a nuisance.

However, not wanting to offend the locals we observed the rules when within reasonable distance of another person, so periodically we would pop him back on leash while someone walked past, then let him off again to charge around after sticks/Annabel.


The large lump of rock offshore is called Haystack Rock.  Not to be confused with the Haystack Rock that is much better known a little further up the coast at Cannon Beach. Not sure how they managed to get the same name on two similar lumps of rock off big sandy beaches just 50 miles apart as the crow flies (or perhaps the seagull here).


Annabel loves throwing the stick and watching Mojo launch into action.


Bob Straub State Park basically merges into Cape Kiwanda State Natural Area along the beach allowing very long walks along the unspoilt coastline.


One happy, wet pooch.



We passed some people walking the beach on horseback.



Mojo has a blast racing around on the big beach.

Oops, that’ll be soft sand then !


After a really good walk along the beach, paddle and swim we headed back towards the house, stopping here at the Pacific Crest lookout on Highway 101 between Pacific City and Neskowin.


Annabel at the lookout.



Heidi said...

Oregon Coast is our family's favourite vacation destination. The beaches are amazing and everything is so relaxed and laid back. Beautiful part of the world.

Louise Ducote said...

Wonderful photos! That last one of Mojo is a keeper!