Sunday, September 14, 2008

Tofino - Monday

The first job the following morning was to get to the supermarket to stock up on a few supplies. This took us into Tofino town.
These are a few views from the waterfront in Tofino

Walking back up the hill we passed the St Columba Church

After dropping off the grocerys at the house we stopped for some lunch at the rustic (but actually excellent) Wildside Grill. (Thanks Mum for this photo)

Then off to Chesterman Beach for a walk. It was a little overcast so while bright the weather appeared quite grey.

We don't know who Parker was, but his legend lives on (as do his footprints), at least until the next high tide.

Chesterman Beach views

Mr C swimming......

.....results in one wet doggy

The usual suspects (Mums photo)

We saw a seal several times in the bay. Unfortunately it kept ducking underwater so this is the only image we captured of it (the dark dot in the middle of the water). However, while using the zoom on the video camera we could clearly see it's face watching us.

There were some good size waves crashing on the beach, not enough to deter Charlie from swimming but enough to soak him from head to toe.

More beach views

Adrian, Mum Dad and Charlie.

Mr C

Then, the best way to wind down after a good walk on the beach is with a soak in the hottub (thanks Mum for this photo)

Followed by a great BBQ dinner (thanks Mum for this photo also)

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