Saturday, September 13, 2008

Tofino - Sunday

Adrians Mum & Dad have come to stay for about three weeks so to kick off their trip here we booked a few days away in Tofino, on the far West Coast of Vancouver Island.

It is a relatively easy trip, about 15 minutes to Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal, 1.5hr ferry trip to Nanaimo and then about 3.5/4hrs drive across to the opposite coast. The last hour of the drive is the most testing being slow, steep & twisty over two mountain passes combined with an appaling road surface full of potholes. At least the bumps in the road kept everyone awake !

Before we get too far we do a quick headcount. David's holding the camera, Adrian's driving, then we've got Mum & Dad and Mr C and a car full of stuff. Looks like we're ready to vacation !

Once we are on the Island we stop at Cathedral Grove, near Port Alberni. It is an old-growth forest, large mature trees many 100's of years old.

The is called The Living Stump. It survives by a connection of roots underground connected to a nearby tree and receives it nourishment from there, even though it doesn't have any greenery to absorb sunlight.

A huge fallen tree

Adrian and Charlie in front of the biggest of the trees in the park, estimated to be over 800 years old.

Almost in Tofino, we stop for a quick break at Kennedy Lake

So now we're at the house 'Black Pearl'. Set in forest, the house was a convenient 10 minute or so walk to both Cox Bay & Chesterman Beach.

We had arrived with sufficient time to get a quick walk in before dinner. We headed for Cox Bay. Charlie getting a taste of his week to come.

Views of the beach & Bay.

And off he goes again.....bags of energy after snoozing in the car all day

Mum & Dad on the beach

"Where's that darn stick gone ?"

Adrian & Charlie on the beach.

Then it was back to the house to unpack, have dinner and plan the next day.

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