Monday, September 15, 2008

Tofino - Tuesday

On Tuesday we decided to drive South into the Pacific Rim National Park.

We stopped at Florencia Beach. Formally named Wreck Beach after the a ship named Florencia ran aground and sank at this location.

A replica of an inukshuk built on the beach. This is a man-made stone landmark used by the Inuit initially for navigation or markers for hunting grounds or a food cache. This one however was probably for fun being only about one foot tall.

Charlie ready to hit the surf

There was quite a bit of morning mist which gradually burned off as the day warmed up.

Charlie happy again he's found the biggest stick he can manage until....

.....Dad challenges Charlie to save a huge plank of wood thrown into a tributary

Nearly there....

Job done

The Bay really opened up once the mist burned off

Mum sat while we had a rest at one end of the beach

More views around the bay

There were some giant pieces of driftwood which had been swept up to the back of the beach

Mum trying to get just the right angle for a photo

David and I on the beach (thanks Mum for this photo)

By this time Charlie had done a considerable amount of running around and the burned off mist meant the sun was now warm. As soon as we got to this large piece of driftwood Charlie dug a hole to find some cool damp sand and lay down. He stayed here until he absolutely had to get up.

Who knew driftwood made such great chairs ?

More Bay views

After we had walked for a couple hours at Florencia Beach we headed to Radar Hill near to the northern edge of the Pacific Rim National Park.

Radar Hill had been the site of a US/Canadian collaboration during the cold war when they had a radar station situated here. Little remains of the original buildings but it's a short walk to the top (since you drive most of the way) and get great views once you're there.

These views are mostly looking North towards the end of the penninsula and Tofino town.

The four of us on Radar Hill.

A stellar jay having afternoon tea on Radar Hill

A view back towards the beaches where we had been in the morning.

After the walk & views from Radar Hill we headed back to the house for a relax and hottub session.

We decided to head into Tofino for dinner this evening. Here are some photos taken from the waterfront near Tofino in the evening sun

Finally, Dad getting his crab dinner

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