Monday, October 20, 2008

Baie Saint-Paul

So we spent the afternoon having a look around a village called Baie Saint-Paul. Baie Saint Paul (St Paul's Bay) is not to be confused with La Baie (The Bay) where we were headed next or La Malbaie (The Bad Bay) where we were currently staying !

This is a view of the bay area from the beach

Views up to the adjacent headland which is dotted with houses and some colourful trees

On the way down we passed a wrecked boat.

Views within the village itself

Many houses and shops had their halloween decorations up ready for the end of the month

It's a sleepy little place, but quaint. It reminded us of a small cornish seaside town.

Maison Rene Richard. This was a very interesting gallery which appeared to have been set up in someones front room although we discovered it was actually the studio of one of the artists whose work was featured there.

There were some beautiful displays of autumn

The church in the centre of the village

Fountain and statue

Finally, as we headed back to La Malbaie, a view from the headland down onto the village.

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