Friday, October 24, 2008

Capilano River Park on Thanksgiving Weekend

Since our return from Quebec we have enjoyed mostly good weather. It has turned a little cooler but has frequently been bright & sunny so we have managed to get out and enjoy a few good walks with Charlie.

The first was Thanksgiving Weekend at Capilano River Park. An early morning circular walk starting at Cleveland Dam, walking through the trees on the West side of the river before crossing the bridge and then looping back up to the carpark.

On this weekend we still hadn't had any snow on the peaks, although by the time of writing this blog entry a week or so later The Lions have had their first dose of white stuff for the season.

Charlie, ready for his walk.

Walking on the main trail down the western side of the park

More views of the Park

View of the water rushing down the dam

Looking North up the canyon with the dam in the background.

Small waterfalls slightly further downstream.

Here is a quick movie clip of the view panning round from the dam to the salmon hatchery downstream.

Then we continued walking south until we hit the bridge across the river. The view from here is downstream.

And then the view from the same location upstream.

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