Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Lower Old Town

The Lower Old Town enjoys much of the history and well preserved buildings as the Upper town, however it has particularly narrow streets and even in October a huge number of tourists. It definately felt like something of a tourist trap compared to the slightly more classy Upper Town.

This is the view from the Upper Town down to Rue Notre Dame in the Lower Town.

Close up. Most of the buildings in the Old Town were so well preserved and maintained that they almost looked like an unreal, artificial toy-town

This is a view down Rue du Petit-Champlain from the top of the steps at the North East end of it.

The Notre Dame des Victories. Built in 1688 this is one of the oldest churches in Quebec. It has been extended over the years each time it got damaged after battles fought between the French and British.

Inside the Notre Dame des Victories. The boat hanging from the ceiling is a scale model of Le Breze, a boat which brought French soldiers to New France in 1664.

Place Royale. This square has been the centre of activity in the Lower Town since the 1600's.

Looking West along Rue Sous-le-Fort, with the Chateau Frontenac seen perched on the hill in the background.

Many buildings in the Lower Old Town bear plaques stating when they were built, who first lived in or owned them and sometimes the first use of the building if it has changed over time.

Rue Notre Dame

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