Sunday, October 28, 2007

Driving to Thompson Falls

Having read some local guides and been into the local visitor centre we were recommended to visit Thompson Falls.

The falls were located only a few kms from the house we were renting and whilst they were considered to be quite good falls, we figured we wouldn't be likely to get back to see them unless we came back to this location again in the future.

The tour guides didn't actually mention that the paved roads ended a couple kms from the house and the remaining 7kms were on partially paved/partially gravel backcountry roads. Whilst these were easy enough to drive upon, there were more than enough potholes and in several sections, particularly the rickerty wooden bridges, the road went down to single lane - now Karen you're probably used to this but we've not seen a single lane road for 16 months - this was quite a surprise.

Anyway, it turned out to be great.....with excellent views on the way there and the excitement of wondering what people, views or wildlife were going to be lurking around the next corner.

This post shows a few views from the drive to the falls.

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