Thursday, October 18, 2007

Willowbank Mountain Ranch

Here are just a couple of photos of the house we rented in the Blaeberry Valley, about 15mins North of Golden, BC. Thanks to the fact we are now the proud owners of a video camera, we don't have any 'stills' of the footage will of course follow !

The house was a beautifully appointed modern home on it's own flat 9.5 acres, a mix of open grassy fields and some woodland. Absolutely perfect for all things four-legged including Charlie, and numerous deer who also frequented the gardens throughout the day.

Willowbank Mountain Ranch was the name of the house and it was situated on a quiet country lane, approximately 5mins drive off the Trans Canada it was easy to get where we wanted yet peaceful & quiet. At night you could stand in the garden and not only hear absolutely nothing, but you could see a massive array of stars including the Milky Way.....something I (and I think David) have not seen before....definately not with this clarity.

The photo above shows the rear of the house, and you can see there weren't many neighbours nearby. There was one house some way off to the right of this photo, but was a good distance away and there didn't really appear to be anybody living there anyway.

We hadn't in all honesty appreciated how scenic the locality was going to be until we arrived. We had decided to book a property in Golden because we felt the Rockies were just too far to drive in one day, but should still be accessible as a 'day-trip' from Golden. However, we discovered that Golden is actually right on the edge of the Rocky Mountains and only about 45 mins from Lake Louise. Still it was only 3/4 days drive to get there and coming back with the time difference advantage, we left at 7am and arrived home at 1.30pm - just in time for another half days work !

Because the location was just so stunning I will dedicate a separate whole post to the views from the house itself.

The obligatory 'dog-photo' - this is Charlie posing on demand in the front garden, which incidently didn't actually slope as much as it appears to - perhaps we had already had a yard-arm........or maybe the camera's faulty ?!

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