Tuesday, October 16, 2007

We're Back!

OK so for anyone that has still been checking this Blog (Anne & Ian you may be the only ones??) we apologise for the distinct lack of post over the summer.

We could put it down to the hectic life we lead having no spare time or it could just be we lead such an uninteresting life that there has been nothing to share. Well neither is exactly true. We have had a reasonable busy summer with several visitors to which we owe some post space.
We have been working hard to fully establish ourselves at work, which I guess we could devote some time to on here also if anyone is interested (besides the afore-mentioned). We've added a link to Adrian's website on the right.

It is true that we are settled enough now not to be finding everything new and quite as exciting as it once was when we were new arrivals to Vancouver but it is still an amazing place to live and we should celebrate that here at least.

In fact a recent trip to the Rockies has reminded us of the beauty we now take for granted in the place we live, so maybe we can re-start with that & work back to reflect on the summer we've had (not one of great weather that is for sure!!!!).

Oh, yes! Almost forgot. We have added a visitor monitor (in addition to a general re-vamp) so we will be able to see if anyone does look in and so if we should continue. Also please feel free to comment or email us.


D & A


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

well, it shows you have no visitors at the moment, as you have time to "do" your bog again...seems odd that we are now here and you are now there!!!!!
glad to see you all had a good time in the Rockies.
Tracy,Paul and Joe