Saturday, October 20, 2007

Greetings from Regina

Hello to all from Regina, Saskatchewan. Where I hear you cry! Yes this week have been in Regina in the Province of Saskatchewan attending a two day meeting of the Canadian ICU Collaborative. That is a nation wide healthcare improvment initiative of which I have somehow become involved as a lead in the treatment of Children with Sepsis.

I haven't posted much about my work as yet so I will have to remedy that, but for now here are a few pics of this rather Hokie town.

Yep, this is praire country. Entire population is only 100,000 and is the second largest town in the province. Saskatoon is only slightly larger.

It would seem that it has only a handful of bars (we have been to a few) but it does have this Casino (picture taken from my hotel room). I of course visited this cultural phenomenon and discovered that it bares little resemblance to Vegas!!! Many first Nations and old ladies.

Home tomorrow and I will write more then; including my trip to the home of the Canadian Mountie!


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